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Valves (MARCK)
Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, NRV, Strainner, Check Valves, Angle Valve, Safety Valve, Solenoid Valve,

Ball Valve: - Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, Brass, Cast Iron Ball Valve Size: - ¼" – 3"
Ball Valve Types: - Screwed Ends, Socket weld, Flanged Ends
Globe Valve: - Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze (Gun Metal)
Globe Valve Size: - ½" – 12"
Globe Valve Type: - Screwed Ends, Flanges Ends
Gate Valve: - Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze (Gun Metal)
Gate Valve Sizes: - 1" – 12"
Gate Valve: - Screwed Ends, Flanged Ends etc.
Butterfly Valve: - Cast Iron, Stainless Steel etc.
Butterfly Valve Size: - 1.1/2" – 12"
Butterfly Type: - Wafer Type, Flanged Type etc.
Stainless Steel
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